Quote Of The Week

Joey- "You hide my underwear, I'm wearing everything you own!"
Chandle-"How is that the opposite?"
Joey-"Look at me, i'm chandler.. could I BEE wearin any more clothes.. maybe if i wasn't going COMANDO!! Jeeze it's hot with with all this on, I better not do any LUNGES!"

Sunday, April 13, 2014

New Blog

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Rockin 4th!!

Okay so for the 4th of July we took our other BFF, Cayts, and went to go see a movie that has a name we can't remember with Selina Gomez in it and it was actually really good but whatevs. The great part about the movie was this weird to the max lady sitting across the isle from us. She all by her lonesome and just had her popcorn was talking to herself through the whole thing. It was so weird. And after the movie in the bathroom where that pic was taken of her from the back she was just straight up washing her hands then looked down at them and said "yeah, that's clean" and walked out.. what a weirdy!! The other great thing was the random food we took in with us. Kailes bag consisted of a big bag of skitts, some grapey, ritz crackers, and easy cheese... how lush? Then after that we went to Tam Bam's house to light some fireworks. and by we i mean Travy cuz all us girls just sat there and watched while he lit them. But the great part about that is that it was super dark and the flash on our camera just flashes and then flashes again and takes a pic so people get funny faces.. hence the pic of Kinzie looking like dopey haha. Anyways then we watched a movie and went home.. We would say this is what you call a successful night!(:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homecoming again?

Okay it wasn't really another homecoming but it involved our dresses from homecoming. After Sara Baer's birthday party (which was totally fun!) we decided to go to Tam Bam's house.. if you don't know who that is she is our young woman leader/ best friend.... and we had the urge to play Just Dance in our dresses because it is the best game on the planet and all the other planets that exist!! Anyways that's pretty much all. Kailey beat Brecks as usual and it was a good time(: Jk I think Brecks might have beaten Kailey.. who knows? P.S we had an awesome video of us dancing but it won't upload so whatever...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So we decided that we love this tunnle that we found once upon a time and that people like to add their art to it but people always cover it up. So we thought that maybe if we add our art in crayons then people will think it's nice and not paint over it. So we had a lovely rainbow of lushness, a shining sun of life, a K&B, and an ocean with 2 lesbi fishies kissing. Not intending to insult any lesbis with that comment so sorry.. but it was a marvelous day in the sun/ tunnel. And not trying to insult a certain steppy of Kails but she was huffin us up... What happened is... Rhyll left for the weekend and Brecks was slumbering at Kails that night so we thought it would be nice to sleep in a bigger bed instead of the couch. Because how bad does it suck when people come through the fam room in the morning and wake you up? And be didn't wanna snuggle on a twin. So we heard that Esty already asked to sleep in Rhyll's bed. And so we called Esty to ask if we could just borrow it that night and she could have it on Sat. But she freaked out and said that Kails always trys to get what she wants and Esty was tired of giving in so we couldn't have the big bed. Brecks and Kails was huffed so what we did is watch Magamind and made a hand made rope made of gift wrapping string. We made 3 braids then braided those together and got back at Esty by tying her into Rhylls room(: Yeah that's how we do so don't mess! She ended up waking up Neppy in the middle of the night and he cut it. Then she didn't talk to us the whole next day so it was worth it(: And then we were super tired and spooned on Kails twin and it ended up being a very very lush sleep.. No homo! P.S. SOrry you can't see our drawings very well in the tunnel. And P.P.S Lovins(:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cowgirl and Indian!!!

This was awhile ago but how lush? We got bored one day so we went to Tami's house and found a stick horse that played enchanting music and decided the Kailey wanted to be a Cowgirl. So Brecks might as well be an Indian right? And if we're gonna be a cowgirl and Indian then we might as well make a paper hat, gun, and feather and then take videos. So that's exactly what we did in Tami's backyard(: It was a magnificent day!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day!

We are the kind of people that are losers and don't have dates on valentines day so we went to T Bell and set up a little table.. no homo. And we had a candle light Valentines Day dinner haha. And we didn't know what people talk about on dates so we made some small talk and we totally looked lesbo and then these guys were talking about us. So Brecken asked if they were making fun of us and they said they just wanted to be in our picture. so there's a picture of them down there. And they were totally hitting on us! How awkward?! and when we left they blew kisses to us haha. Anyways we left and took flowers to Cheryl Hanni.. It was lush(: A crappy V day actually ended up pretty good(:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Big 1-7!!! 17!!! Just the bowling...

So... once upon a time there were these tree girls in tutus. An the magnificent Tami took her husband, Travis, and here four gorgeous daughters put the girls in tutus too. then we all got together for some fun bowling and what not. We did other stuff too but I'm gonna write about the other stuff later. P.S. the tree girls were tori, Brecken, and Kailey and it was on Kailey's birthday.

Okay this is what happened... We would try to bowl in as many positions as possible. Some examples are: under the legs, under the legs backwards, granny style, in the crab walk position, while riding a person as a horse, and many other ways. Brecken decided to have Kailey stand in front of her with Kailey's legs spread and Brecken would bowl between kailey's legs. and that sounds easy and harm less but what some people don't know is that Brecken isn't the smoothest cat around. She's pretty clumsy. So she goes to roll the ball, then she slips, then she hits Kailey with some part of her body, then Kailey falls backwards, Kailey then falls on Brecken, and they both end up on the ground with bruises and laughing till they almost pee their tutus haha. It was great. this next picture is in the process of this and the one after is after she rolls...

this is of Kailey and Brecken doin' the horsey haha